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Liposomal vitamin c supplements are the most commonly utilized supplement in the UK. The lion's share of Vitamin C products are either desiccated tablets or effervescent products. While these products by and large contain 1g of Vitamin C, the body just retains around 7-8% of the aggregate sum. This implies for each gram of Vitamin C that is ingested; just 70-80mg is assimilated, and plasma Vitamin C levels remain generally low.

Quicksilver Scientific has been produced to be a cost effective, safe and generally accessible substitute for standard organization liposomal vitamin c liquid tthat offers assimilation to match IV levels of vitamin C.

What is Liposomal?

Liposomal are spherical shells made up of a twofold layer of unsaturated fats like the normally layer that makes up the external film of the body's cells. This belayed can be utilized to encapsulate supplements or pharmaceutical medications for protection from harming stomach acids and reduced resistance for assimilation. Once encapsulated the Liposomal vitamin c cannot escape the liposome until the phospholipids belayed is disturbed e.g. assimilation/breakdown in the body.

GlutathioneThe liposome protects its contents against the unforgiving acids of the stomach and permits simpler ingestion in the stomach and higher intestinal tract. Once ingested from the gut breakdown of the liposome occurs and contents of the liposome are discharged into the circulatory system. The phosphate -enriched lipids that are commonly utilized as a part of the production of Liposomal are used somewhere else in the body for the production of new cells.

Why utilize Liposomal Vitamin C?

The assimilation rate of Liposomal Vitamin C reaches up to 85% with most Liposomal products, however reaches up to 91% with Quicksilver Scientific.

Ingestion reaches these levels because of the protective effects of the liposome. The contents of the stomach are fluid in nature meaning it cannot go through the hydrophobic layers of the liposome.


This right off the bat enables more Liposomal vitamin c to be accessible to the body as less is crushed. Secondly, the liposome has more partiality for retention than Vitamin C alone and is taken up more promptly by the body.

Liposomal are quickly becoming more commonplace in the conveyance of focused medicines and other Liposomal supplements are experiencing preliminaries for effectiveness, such as N-acetyl-carnation and cur cumin.

There are numerous advantages for Vitamin C supplementation which we'll be covering in later online journals. Liposomal Vitamin C products offer ascent to another line of effective supplements increasing the effectiveness of supplementation up to 13 times now and again.